“You are my friends if you do what I command you.” When I hear or see the word “command” it usually stands out for me.  It captures my attention and stops me dead in my tracks.  I guess it’s because I tend to think of it as an order that I must bow down to. I command you! It is a direct order, it is not voluntary – it is more of an obligation; and we don’t like that.  But Jesus, our King of kings, and Lord of lords commands us one thing; that we love one another as he has loved us. In doing so, we will be following the Kings orders. But this king also reminds us how he rules; by serving, by being a slave, by being an obedient Son and a faithful friend. Jesus simply asked us to do what is in our nature to do; love. In God’s   Kingdom, love is found in service and before we can serve the King, we must love and before we can love, we must know who he is and all the wonderful things he has done for us simply because he loves us. In prayer, I have heard the questions; “Why do you do what you do?” “Why do you follow Jesus?” My heart is moved and I direct my response to the Father. “Because of love. Because in loving me, I am compelled to love others. I love others because in doing so I experience your profound love ever more deeply inside of me. It seems so simplistic, but it is that simple and beautiful. I continue to find so much strength in your Son’s Cross.” This is the model of love we are invited to participate in. This is our King; vulnerable, open, available, obedient – love poured out for the other. To enter the Kingdom is to know and experience this kind of love and service to one another. This is how Christ conquered my heart, this is how he wants us to help him conquer the world – by loving one another. “This I command you, love one another.”  God’s peace and blessings always.