September 9, 2019 Monday of the 23rd Week in Ordinary Time-C

Colossians 1:24—2:3

Psalm 62

Luke 6:6-11

It is he whom we proclaim…. Col. 1:28

“Come up and stand before us.” Lk. 6:8

Lord, I love how you read the thoughts and motives of people around you.  You knew the Pharisees were looking for anything to trap you and accuse you of violations of the law.  They had no concern for the man with the withered hand.  Due to his disability he perhaps couldn’t work to support his family.  You could have waited to heal his hand after the Sabbath was over.  You could have performed your miracle in private and not in front of the synagogue crowd.  Seems you wanted them to see what you were doing.  After the man’s hand was restored the Pharisees were “enraged” and plotted what to do with you.  Lord, never let me lose sight of what is important.  Help me to see the true needs of the people around me.  Do not let legalism block me from being compassionate.  This incident shows why Paul said that it is you we proclaim.  You, a person and not the law, is the center of our faith and devotion.  Dear Jesus, thank you for the blessing of your word.  Thank you for showing me to do the right, and important thing.  Amen.