March 23, 2020 Monday of the Fourth Week in Lent-A

Isaiah 65:17-21

Psalm 30

John 4:43-54

Thus says the Lord: Lo, I am about to create new heavens and a new earth:” Is 65:17

Lord, It may be a little difficult for many of us to rejoice and be glad over the daily news reports of the corona virus claiming more lives and continuing to spread around the world. What new things are you referring to in today’s first reading?  You spoke to Isaiah these words when the Jewish nation was returning from a long exile in Babylon. The people were filled with hope over the new lives they would have back in their beloved homeland. They would have freedom to worship, grow and flourish thanks to God delivering them from exile. You could remind us today of your creation of new opportunities and accomplishments amid the news of disease and death. If the Jews only focused on the huge tasks ahead like rebuilding their nation and temple they may never have left Babylon. Let us today look for God offering new job opportunities and new relationships in this pandemic. Lord, I know you are bigger and more powerful than any disease just as you healed the young boy in today’s Gospel. And I, like the boy’s father, believe you can do anything even create new heavens and a new earth this Lent for all who trust in you.  Amen.