November 11, 2019 Monday of the 32nd Week in Ordinary Time-C ST. MARTIN OF TOURS, BISHOP

Wisdom 1:1-7

Psalm 139

Luke 17:1-6

Because God is the witness of the inmost self… Wis. 1:6

O Lord, you have probed me and you know me… Ps. 139:1

Lord, thank you for loving and caring so much for me.  You know me perfectly inside and out.  There is nothing I can hide from you.   In a way, that is a little scary.  I can put on a good front and people may not see what lies within me.  But you know my heart through and through.  Yet, you still love me.  Thank you for being patient with me when obstacles like pride prevent me from making good decisions, acting justly towards others or forgiving the one who hurt me.  I belong to you.  Help me to let go of my agenda and accept yours.  Increase my faith so I can live in right relationship with you and my brothers and sisters.  Shine your light into those parts of my life where there is darkness.   Grant me an awareness of my ways that please and displease you.  Nurture the mustard seed of faith in my heart so it grows and matures.  You never tire of picking me up when I fall.  Give me the patience to forgive as you do.  Amen.