Nov. 5 2019 Tuesday of the 31st week in Ordinary Time-

Romans 12:5-16

Psalm 131

Luke 14:15-24

Let love be sincere… Rom. 15:9

Lord, we often open a do-it-yourself book to complete a task.  We can get ideas off the internet how to fix or build something.  Paul gives us practical steps how to be your disciple.  Each line is a way of living your commandments to love God and our neighbor.  Any one of them could be fixed to our bathroom mirror to read at the start of each day.  He points out that we are the Body of Christ and as such are brothers and sisters.  Using the gifts God has placed within us is an everyday priority. It is important to be sincere in our relationships with those who we love and those who are unpleasant or disagreeable.   I need to hold on to what is good and let go of anything that is harmful to my salvation.  Lord, help me to live out my faith in a prayerful spirit of action.   Change my attitude so that I can rejoice in hardship and hope in trials.  Make my walk with you a 24/7 priority in my life.  Remove from me the distractions that cause me to accept sin in my life.  Prepare me for your banquet in heaven.  Amen.