Nov. 4 2019 Monday of the 31st week in Ordinary Time-ST. CHARLES BORROMEO, BISHOP

Romans 11:29-36

Psalm 69

Luke 14:12-14

“Rather, when you hold a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind…” Lk. 14:13

Lord, because it is the will of our Father, you constantly show us how to love our neighbor.   You taught the Pharisee to broaden his outlook on that part of humanity he looked down upon.   How blessed he was if he accepted the teaching and changed his ways.  Lord, what part of my heart needs to be taught?  Where am I falling short of your commandment to love my neighbor?  Maybe I can start by recognizing my neighbor in unlikely people.  It’s easy to be good to those who are like me and who can pay back my generosity.   You extended your mercy to people who didn’t deserve it, like me.  I can’t earn your mercy.  So, today, please show me the way to respect the dignity of all your children, even those who are sinful, disagreeable or just nasty.  Help me to be neighbor to the poor, hungry, homeless, unemployed and sick.  May I widen my outlook on that part of humanity that I don’t agree with politically or normally try to avoid.  May I look on them as you do.  Amen.