November 3, 2019 Sunday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time-C

Wisdom 11:22—12:2

Psalm 145

2 Thessalonians 1:11—2:2

Luke 19:1-10

But you spare all things, because they are yours…Wis. 11:26

Now a man named Zacchaeus…was seeking to see who Jesus was…Lk.19:2

Lord, in the eyes of the people Zacchaeus was a traitor, a loser and a lost soul.  In your eyes he was a son of Abraham and a child of a loving and merciful Father.  Zacchaeus took the first step out of curiosity.  He just wanted to see you so he didn’t let an obstacle, like his short stature, stop him.  You knew what kind of a person he was but you saw in him great potential.  He not only got to see you but dine with you in his house.  You met his family and shared a meal with him and he was never the same again.  He stepped out in faith and committed to lavishly repay what he had extorted from the poor.  Lord, today I will have a meal with you in Holy Mass.  I desire to be transformed by you to never be the same again.  You brought forgiveness and mercy to Zacchaeus’s life and offered him a second chance.  I thank you for all the second chances you have offered me.  I pray I can be as generous as Zacchaeus was after his encounter with you.  Amen.