Wisdom 3:1-9

Psalm 23

Romans 6:3-9

John 6:37-40

The souls of the just are in the hand of God…Wis. 3:1

…I will not reject anyone who comes to me…John 6:37

Lord, while living on earth we trust doctors and nurses to care for us in serious illness.  We are in their hands when surgery, chemo or other medications are needed.  We rely on them to do what is best for us.  When we close our eyes for the last time we no longer need a doctor but a Savior.  During our passage from this world to eternity we are totally and completely in your hands.  It’s then when our faith gives us confidence that you will indeed care for us.  You told us that it is the Father’s will that all will be saved.  Lord, I lift up to you in prayer all my family and friends who have gone before me.  I trust in your mercy and your love.  Since it is your desire that all of them come to you and enjoy eternal life with you in heaven I can be at peace.  I offer my prayers today for those who still need them.  I believe you hear these prayers and they will be effective.  Someday I hope others will pray for me when I need them.   For now, Lord, I’m content knowing they are in your loving hands.  Amen.