Praying The Word

November 8, 2019 Friday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time-C

Romans 15:14-21

Psalm 98

Luke 16:1-8

In Christ Jesus, then, I have reason to boast in what pertains to God.  Rom. 15:17

Lord, I, like Paul, must remember to turn all things over to you.  You see the suffering of your children in this world.  You see their efforts to relieve their pain by turning to the resources of man.  But when those measures don’t work, you are all they have left.  Dear Jesus, open the doors of grace to those who are up to their necks in suffering.   Lift the burdens of those who live in bondage to pain, despair, and hopelessness.  Show your power to the weak.  Give comfort to the distressed.  Heal the wounds of broken relationships.  Console the fearful and be a companion to the lonely.  Provide the grace to remain faithful to all those ready to give up on you.  Put the right people into the lives of those in need of food, shelter and clothing.  I trust in your grace and in your desire to heal.   If I can be your instrument of encouragement, I will rely on your grace to show me the path you have for me.   Keep me strong in faith so I can be a witness to others of your love.  Amen.

Praying The Word

November 7, 2019 Thursday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time-C

Romans 14:7-12

Psalm 27

Luke 15:1-10

The Lord is my light and my salvation… Ps. 27:1

“…go after the lost one until he finds it?” Lk. 15:4

Lord, Pope Francis says if we are to be real disciples of yours we are to smell like your sheep.  Good shepherds carry with them the odor of their sheep because they care for them.  You didn’t avoid people that had lost their way.  You sought them out and even ate with them.  How many lost sheep have you brought back to the safety of the fold?  I admit, Lord, that I have been lost at times.  I’m so thankful you didn’t move on without me but went looking for me until you found me.  I’ll try not to wander off again.  I have family members who have strayed from your Church and no longer walk with you.  I love these people, Lord, and I want them found and brought back to safety.  I know you love them too.  If I can be your hands, feet or mouth today to offer a welcome to a “lost” sheep who knows what will happen.  Maybe I am the only bible that person will read today.  May I not give up on anyone because you can work wonders on the human heart that will be worth celebrating.  Amen.

Praying The Word

November 6, 2019 Wednesday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time-C

Romans 13:8-10

Psalm 112

Luke 14:25-33

 “Whoever does not carry his own cross and come after me cannot be my disciple.”  Lk 14:27

Lord, these words must have surprised and maybe stunned those in the crowd who were with you that day.  What did the feared Roman cross have to do with being your disciple?  This hideous instrument of torture and death was meant to control a population of subjects.  You didn’t sugar-coat the cost of following you.  They now knew what they were signing up for if they wanted to be your disciple.  How does the cross enter into my life now?  Lord, what cross have I to carry?  When given my cross will I have the conviction, the strength and the willingness to carry it?  Lord, I’m going to admit it to you right now I can’t do it on my own.  I too often seek the easy way, the way that doesn’t inconvenience me, the way that lets me have things how I want them.   But you know that already.  Dear Jesus, I am not a finished product so I surrender to you.  I plead for your grace to give me a backbone to make the hard decisions.  Thank you for all the ways you will encourage me today.  Amen.

Praying The Word

Nov. 5 2019 Tuesday of the 31st week in Ordinary Time-

Romans 12:5-16

Psalm 131

Luke 14:15-24

Let love be sincere… Rom. 15:9

Lord, we often open a do-it-yourself book to complete a task.  We can get ideas off the internet how to fix or build something.  Paul gives us practical steps how to be your disciple.  Each line is a way of living your commandments to love God and our neighbor.  Any one of them could be fixed to our bathroom mirror to read at the start of each day.  He points out that we are the Body of Christ and as such are brothers and sisters.  Using the gifts God has placed within us is an everyday priority. It is important to be sincere in our relationships with those who we love and those who are unpleasant or disagreeable.   I need to hold on to what is good and let go of anything that is harmful to my salvation.  Lord, help me to live out my faith in a prayerful spirit of action.   Change my attitude so that I can rejoice in hardship and hope in trials.  Make my walk with you a 24/7 priority in my life.  Remove from me the distractions that cause me to accept sin in my life.  Prepare me for your banquet in heaven.  Amen.

Praying The Word

Nov. 4 2019 Monday of the 31st week in Ordinary Time-ST. CHARLES BORROMEO, BISHOP

Romans 11:29-36

Psalm 69

Luke 14:12-14

“Rather, when you hold a banquet, invite the poor, the crippled, the lame, the blind…” Lk. 14:13

Lord, because it is the will of our Father, you constantly show us how to love our neighbor.   You taught the Pharisee to broaden his outlook on that part of humanity he looked down upon.   How blessed he was if he accepted the teaching and changed his ways.  Lord, what part of my heart needs to be taught?  Where am I falling short of your commandment to love my neighbor?  Maybe I can start by recognizing my neighbor in unlikely people.  It’s easy to be good to those who are like me and who can pay back my generosity.   You extended your mercy to people who didn’t deserve it, like me.  I can’t earn your mercy.  So, today, please show me the way to respect the dignity of all your children, even those who are sinful, disagreeable or just nasty.  Help me to be neighbor to the poor, hungry, homeless, unemployed and sick.  May I widen my outlook on that part of humanity that I don’t agree with politically or normally try to avoid.  May I look on them as you do.  Amen.

Praying The Word

November 3, 2019 Sunday of the 31st Week in Ordinary Time-C

Wisdom 11:22—12:2

Psalm 145

2 Thessalonians 1:11—2:2

Luke 19:1-10

But you spare all things, because they are yours…Wis. 11:26

Now a man named Zacchaeus…was seeking to see who Jesus was…Lk.19:2

Lord, in the eyes of the people Zacchaeus was a traitor, a loser and a lost soul.  In your eyes he was a son of Abraham and a child of a loving and merciful Father.  Zacchaeus took the first step out of curiosity.  He just wanted to see you so he didn’t let an obstacle, like his short stature, stop him.  You knew what kind of a person he was but you saw in him great potential.  He not only got to see you but dine with you in his house.  You met his family and shared a meal with him and he was never the same again.  He stepped out in faith and committed to lavishly repay what he had extorted from the poor.  Lord, today I will have a meal with you in Holy Mass.  I desire to be transformed by you to never be the same again.  You brought forgiveness and mercy to Zacchaeus’s life and offered him a second chance.  I thank you for all the second chances you have offered me.  I pray I can be as generous as Zacchaeus was after his encounter with you.  Amen.

Praying The Word


Wisdom 3:1-9

Psalm 23

Romans 6:3-9

John 6:37-40

The souls of the just are in the hand of God…Wis. 3:1

…I will not reject anyone who comes to me…John 6:37

Lord, while living on earth we trust doctors and nurses to care for us in serious illness.  We are in their hands when surgery, chemo or other medications are needed.  We rely on them to do what is best for us.  When we close our eyes for the last time we no longer need a doctor but a Savior.  During our passage from this world to eternity we are totally and completely in your hands.  It’s then when our faith gives us confidence that you will indeed care for us.  You told us that it is the Father’s will that all will be saved.  Lord, I lift up to you in prayer all my family and friends who have gone before me.  I trust in your mercy and your love.  Since it is your desire that all of them come to you and enjoy eternal life with you in heaven I can be at peace.  I offer my prayers today for those who still need them.  I believe you hear these prayers and they will be effective.  Someday I hope others will pray for me when I need them.   For now, Lord, I’m content knowing they are in your loving hands.  Amen.

Praying The Word

November 1, 2019 ALL SAINTS-C

Revelation 7:2-4, 9-14

Psalm 24

1 John 3:1-3

Matthew 5:1-12

“Rejoice and be glad, for your reward will be great in heaven.”  Mt. 5:12

Lord, today we meditate on the goal of life: eternal happiness with you in your heavenly kingdom.  It’s why we were made.  It’s why we were chosen to be baptized into new life.  It’s why we walk with you as your disciples.  And it’s why we choose good over evil.  While we await the time for us to enter that kingdom help us to live as if we have been saved.  Lord, I know I am far from perfect.  I don’t think any of your saints were perfect either.  But they have been washed clean by the blood you shed on the cross.  Keep me detached from what pulls me away from you.  Make my heart pure and undivided in its desire for you.  Put a spirit of humility and a thirst for justice within me.  Show me how to mourn for my sins and the cruelty of this world.  When I am insulted or persecuted, give me a joy that I have been chosen to serve you.  Lord, if I can keep my focus on you and endure to the end my reward will be great in heaven with all your saints.  Amen  

Praying The Word

October 31, 2019 Thursday of the 30th Week in Ordinary Time-C

Romans 8:31-39

Psalm 109

Luke 13:31-35

If God is for us, who can be against us?” Rom. 8:31

What will separate us from the love of Christ?”  Rom. 8:35

Lord, we all need encouragement in life.  Our days can be challenging and the twists and turns of life can be discouraging.  But we are not disheartened by anything because you are with us.  Your love conquered everything that can be thrown against us.  Paul was writing to a people being persecuted to death for their belief in you.  His words come down through the centuries to us with the same message of hope.  You are seated alongside the Eternal God and Father and are bringing our needs to him.  Lord, look into my heart and see where I need encouragement and support.  Help me to see those around me that need to hear the good news that you know what they are going through and are always ready to help.  You won the victory over all that tries to separate us from you even death itself.  Dear Jesus, how will you give me victory today over my adversaries of doubt and despair?  How will you make your presence know to me today?  I surrender to your love and gladly accept the victory you have won for me.  Amen.

Praying The Word

October 30, 2019 Wednesday of the 30th Week in Ordinary Time-C

Romans 8:26-30

Psalm 13

Luke 13:22-30

We know that all things work for good for those who love God…Rom. 8:28

“And people will…recline at table in the Kingdom of God.”  Lk. 13:29

Lord, life can take many twists and turns as we pilgrimage to you.  We can be caught up in sudden illness, tragic accidents, broken relationships or other hardships.  At the time it can be difficult to see your hand in our suffering.  Our pain can seem meaningless.  We only want it to stop.  But Paul assures us that even if we don’t understand the value of our suffering it can work for our good.  I don’t have to be aware of why things happen as they do as long as I keep the faith that you know everything about what I am going through.  You became one of us and experienced it all except sin.  Lord, give me the strength to endure to the end knowing that the Holy Spirit can take my suffering and make it a prayer acceptable to you.  Keep me hopeful that one day I will enter your Kingdom and enjoy complete freedom from pain and distress.  In the meantime if I can’t make sense of my afflictions there is value in your eyes when I humbly accept them in faith.   Lord, I trust in your love and grace as I walk the road to the Kingdom.  Amen.